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Welcome to the first LiveJournal community dedicated entirely to the show THE DRESDEN FILES.
About This Community
Created in January 2007 for fans of THE DRESDEN FILES on SciFi (or your local provider).
January 21, 2007 - reached 100 members.
February 18, 2007 - reached 200 members.
April 9, 2007 - reached 300 members.
What To Post
News articles
Site/Promo announcements
Promo videos and pictures
Fanart (ie: Icons, Banners, etc.)
All spoilers are to be placed behind an LJ cut.
Keep it clean. If you can't say it on primetime, don't say it here.
Any promo video or fanvid, please place in a locked post.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you don't have something nice to say, please don't say it.
Any discussion of the book series should be posted at dresden_files.
When posting graphics, please place anything larger than three icons, under an LJ cut. This makes things easier on those with slower connections.


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