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Dresden Fanwork Exchange 2011

Dresden Ficathon 2011

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You're invited to participate in [info]dresdenficathon, an annual fanwork exchange for the Dresden Files fandom.

Important dates:

Signups start Monday, September 26th, and will run through Friday, October 14th at midnight US Pacific time.

Assignments will go out by Tuesday, October 18th.

The Secret Santa letter post will go up Tuesday, October 18th.

Stories are due on Friday, December 16th, at midnight US Pacific time.

Stories will be made public by dresden_mod on Wednesday, December 21st, and names will be revealed Wednesday, December 28th.

For more information, visit the rules and sign-up post!
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Like football? Come join us.

The bonus of being the comm admin, is I can make these completely off topic posts in hopes of reaching more people.

I've been a member of an online forum for football fans for over a year, and like many places on the internet (LJ included), we're suffering from a lack of participation. Our image host recently died, and our admins are wondering if they should even bother putting up the nice banners and backgrounds again, or just close the forum altogether.

So if you like football and want a nice place to chat, 'watch' matches together, look at pics of all the guys, etc., please stop by TCC and join up. But please, please participate.

The Center Circle

And don't feel put out if your team doesn't have it's own board, there are a few generalized boards and areas where you can start a thread for your team.
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Just to be safe...

There's a rumor going around that LJ is deleting journals and comms that are inactive. They say for 24 months, but to be on the safe side, I thought I'd toss a post up letting everyone know that the comm is still up even though the show's been off the air for quite a while.
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Fic comm pimpage

Mods, please delete if you aren't happy with this.

consci_fan_mo 2009

All sci-fi & fantasy fandoms/pairings/ratings welcome, including crossovers. The posts for prompts are now open until Nov 17th so why not toddle on over and throw in a suggestion? There are only a couple of Dresden Files prompts so far, so if you want your favourite series to have more prompts and more fic, get prompting!


-your comments make my day
-credit, plz
-don't modify, don't repost, don't share as yours
-textless icons are not bases
-feel free to friend me=)

01-07 The Dresden Files
08-38 Britney Spears
39-52 Jensen Ackles
53-78 Supernatural (Jensen Ackles mostly, Jared Padalecki)
79-93 Misha Collins (Supernatural 4.16 and more)

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The rest is here: When darkness turns to light…

df_rarepairs Ficathon

Ficathon announcement!

The first challenge at df_rarepairs is now open.

A "rare pair" is any couple that is unusual, unconventional, or has a significant lack of fanfic or art dedicated to it. Rare pairs can be made up of two main characters, such as Harry/Marcone, or include one or more of the obscure canon characters, as in Aleron LaFortier/Helen Beckitt. Rarely written canon pairings such as Michael Carpenter/Charity Carpenter, Thomas Raith/Justine and Bob/Winifred also count as rarepairs. Basically, if you have trouble finding fic or art featuring a certain ship, chances are it's a rare pairing.

Sign-ups and information here! Sign-ups run until January 21.

This challenge is not an exchange; just a motivator. Fic and art are due between February 13th (in the words of the mod: "it seems appropriate to have postings for a pairing exchange start on Valentine's Day weekend") and February 28th.

Come sign up, guys! This sounds like a lot of fun.