anew (beachkid) wrote in dresdenfilestv,

df_rarepairs Ficathon

Ficathon announcement!

The first challenge at df_rarepairs is now open.

A "rare pair" is any couple that is unusual, unconventional, or has a significant lack of fanfic or art dedicated to it. Rare pairs can be made up of two main characters, such as Harry/Marcone, or include one or more of the obscure canon characters, as in Aleron LaFortier/Helen Beckitt. Rarely written canon pairings such as Michael Carpenter/Charity Carpenter, Thomas Raith/Justine and Bob/Winifred also count as rarepairs. Basically, if you have trouble finding fic or art featuring a certain ship, chances are it's a rare pairing.

Sign-ups and information here! Sign-ups run until January 21.

This challenge is not an exchange; just a motivator. Fic and art are due between February 13th (in the words of the mod: "it seems appropriate to have postings for a pairing exchange start on Valentine's Day weekend") and February 28th.

Come sign up, guys! This sounds like a lot of fun.
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