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Bad Blood - All Bianca iconage

Not sure how many here (is anyone still here? ;) ) have gotten into Warehouse 13 because of the lovely Joanne Kelly (she's Myka on WH13 & was Bianca on this fab show) because she rocks. Anyway, I made a lot of Bianca icons today and thought I'd share.


The Dresden Files icons: eps Bad Blood (all Bianca - caps by me)

Da Rules:
1 - you like? you snurch, you credit please - "made by
[info]sunkrux" (type "made by < lj user="sunkrux" > w/out the spaces between < and 'lj' & " and > )
2 - love (aka comments) are good, chocolate is better
3 - blanks are not bases, do NOT alter please

Tags: bad blood, graphics: icons
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