April a.k.a. Shiggy (monkeyscorpion) wrote in dresdenfilestv,
April a.k.a. Shiggy

Like football? Come join us.

The bonus of being the comm admin, is I can make these completely off topic posts in hopes of reaching more people.

I've been a member of an online forum for football fans for over a year, and like many places on the internet (LJ included), we're suffering from a lack of participation. Our image host recently died, and our admins are wondering if they should even bother putting up the nice banners and backgrounds again, or just close the forum altogether.

So if you like football and want a nice place to chat, 'watch' matches together, look at pics of all the guys, etc., please stop by TCC and join up. But please, please participate.

The Center Circle

And don't feel put out if your team doesn't have it's own board, there are a few generalized boards and areas where you can start a thread for your team.
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